Based on my experience with CAD CAM technology, I have developed new methods for more rational block and disc milling.
These methods allow you to reduce waste, extend the life of cutters, reduce work time, and, as a result, reduce costs.
This technology has been tested many times and shows excellent results.
As an example, two to four veneers, crowns or inlays can be milled in a single e.max C14 block, allowing you to take advantage of the use of each block.
The number of blocks used depends on the number of files, the size and the type of prosthesis.
To find out the cost of the services, please complete the request form and send the files in .stl format.
You will receive an answer in a few hours.

We work with all kinds of materials and any type of support
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Minimum 50% reduction of material waste
We do not prepare milling one piece per block
2 milling in 1 block
Everybody wins
  • powerful software package with open STL-Import for all common CAD programs
  • CAM strategies optimized for the fastest machining possible
  • perfectly matched to all vhf dental mills – for reliable high quality results
Excellent results achieved with the vhf N4, vhf R5 milling machines
Best results
The important link in the smile
Unrestrained Milling
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